A Dairy Free Easter

Last year I spent ages searching for a dairy free Easter egg for M. No such luck…I missed the boat! Online had a lovely selection but were ranging from £8-£15….yes for a small milk free Easter egg!!!

So I spent ages seeking the perfect Easter egg and undid the box discarding the milk chocolate egg and refilled the with dairy free chocolate coins I had found in Tescos. I know it sounds totally bizarre but all my little man wanted was a bright, fun Easter egg box like the ones that fill the shop shelves. Infact I think he wanted the box more than the egg really….or he was just craving a normal celebration without me saying, ‘No’ like always!

This year how things have changed! I really have felt a shift in the free from sections of the three nearest supermarkets to me.

So what have I found locally to us this year-


Easter Dark Chocolate Bunny £4

Small chocolate bunnies 3 for £1-Dark and white versions avaliable.

Hot Cross Buns £2.50 (Also wheat free!)


Moo Free small egg £3.99

(Also gluten free!)


Easter shaped mallows 98p!

Easter Egg with additional chocolate bar £4.98 

I literally can not wait for him to see what this Easter has in store for him this year- especially banning the word ‘No’ from my mouth.

There so many more products out there in the shops this year and many more than the ones I have selected. This is just the selection I chose for my son for his Easter.

I have plans for some home baking too and will share these recipes with you too.

  I hope this helps others to see there is alternatives out there now which do not need to cost the earth. Yes they cost slightly more than the regular Easter chocolates but in my opinion it’s worth it for me just to see M’s smiley face covered in chocolate that isn’t going to cause hives, eczema and worse!

😊**Watch this space for chocolate covered smiley photos! ** 😊


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