Waking up to blood!!!

Another horrendous night! M was unsettled throughout the night rubbing and scratching behind his knees, hands and face. We bathed him and re-creamed this did not calm things, so we repeated the bath and read him a story while he was in there. He did seem to settle this time but it was now 3am and my husband and I were exhausted. 

After drying him off, creaming and finding clean Derma Silk mittens we snuggled him into our bed and he went off to sleep like nothing had happened. As exhaunted as I was I could not switch off and was watching him breathe and with every will in the world asking for help for my precious boy and over thinking everything we’d tried and what we could possibly try next.

I must have drifted off eventually because the next thing I remember was darting up right in bed to see blood…blood everywhere, the sheets, the pillows and even my Pajamas. I put my hand to my nose checking I hadn’t had a nose bleed, then looked at M dreaming….nothing….then I looked at my husband and examined his face while he slept. Not one sign of where the blood had come from. In my panic I began to pat the bed down which woke my husband whos eyes popped out of his head at the sight of blood everywhere! Then my husband turned M over. The side I had seen was a beautiful cheek clear from any rashes and even any blemishes….but the otherside was red raw, covered in blood and quite literally looked like he’d removed an entire layer of skin from his face. 

M wears derma silks to bed to prevent stratching but my ‘clever’ little man had discovered that rubbing repeatidly and causing friction burns was just as satisfying as the nails ripping through his skin. 

We’d got wise a few weeks previous after he was given derma silks on prescription. The mittens fold over the hands so it’s easy to pop out some fingernails have a good stratch and recover-Easy for my determined little M! My own Mum stitched them closed-creating a safe and smooth mitten with no choice to open and close.

M had got creative and wise now….to how he could squash the itch without popping out his fingernails by rubbing.

His face was open, sore and red raw. He was so upset when he saw what had happened- scary for any human let alone a 2 year old but this was quickly forgotten when he realised how much pain he was in!

To smile, to cry, to eat was agony for him for 2 days. Food stung and so did even washing. It was a tiresome few days once again where I pulled every ounce of patience and energy from that supply they store for mothers like me…..I am sure one day it will catch up and you’ll find me rocking in a corner somewhere singing nursery rhymes!

I called for a GP appointment who prescribed yet another emollient- if I hear that word anymore I am going to scream!!!!! So we await for more allergy tests at the hospital…….


2 thoughts on “Waking up to blood!!!

  1. mariaadlam

    Such an awful thing to experience. I feel your pain. Nothing quite prepares you for the sight of blood all over bedding…and seems to be everywhere and your heart races at the thought of “what is the damage this time?”
    I learnt to remain calm and not panic M, she was usually oblivious to what had happened. If I was ok…she was ok…none the wiser.
    Important not to beat yourself up over it too…you need to sleep so don’t hold any guilt for not being able to stop the scratching. (I know it’s easier said than done!)
    In this difficult phase it’s just one day at a time. Sometimes the light seems faint at the end of the tunnel..but it does get brighter. Stay strong, remember to fasten your own life jacket first.
    Kia kaha xo

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    1. mummysaysknow Post author

      Huge thank you for your comment! It’s funny how different things feel so much easier a few weeks later with a tad more sleep! Living with the Moto – sink or swim at the moment and I am fully determined not to sink! Beth x



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